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Evening of Short Irish Film - Thursday, March 20th

Our third year with an Evening of Irish Short films, which had by now become one of the highlights of the season. This evening was part of our 1997 season.

In this third year we showed six shorts, four of which were from BBC Northern Ireland's "Northern Lights" short film series. These stories are about ordinary people going to extraordinary lengths to overcome difficult day-to-day problems. The rich landscape and the rich language of the North are presented with great cinematic skill and the wit and humour are exquisite.
 The other two films ('81 and Big Swinger) were each the work of young filmmakers in the Republic. '81 was directed by Stephen Burke, whose After '68 was voted Best Short by Montreal's Ciné Gael audience in the 1995 series. The very funny Big Swinger, made by Declan Recks as a low budget student graduation film, won numerous awards and was shown on TV and in cinemas internationally.

Thursday March 20th Cine Gael presents its 3rd Annual Evening of Irish Short Films Guest : Carol Davison, Lecturer in Victorian and Gothic Literature at Concordia This Evening's Programme We are grateful to Kathleen O'Hara, one time Ciné Gael Committee member and now a film producer in Ireland for compiling this programme. Kathleen also compiled the programmes for the first two Evening of Shorts. '81 - Director: Stephen Burke 1995 26 mins Stephen Burke's latest short is a fictional look at two ordinary families, one Protestant, one Catholic, living in Belfast in 1981, viewed through the lens of a French documentary crew that comes to the city to cover Bobby Sands hunger strike. The Film unfolds as a mix of casual conversations with family members and fly on the wall footage as they carry on their day-to-day lives. Skin Tight - Director: John Forte Year: 1994 Producer: David Kelly 14 mins dir: name The Lambeg drum is a potent symbol of Orangism in the North and Terry, the best Lambeg drum maker in Ulster, despairs at the poor quality of the goatskins he has been given in the run-up to the marching season. His wife Norma would like to spend the marching season abroad rather than in Belfast - an idea which Terry doesn't seem to reject. Imagine her surprise when she returns home with an armful of travel brochures to find an Angora Goat, bought with their holiday money, in the back-yard. A bizarre tale of love, desire, ambition, murder, and a goat. The aggressive boom of the Orange Lambeg, the music and later the sound of the Nationalist bodhran are essential ingredients of this fine short. The Cake - Director: Jo Neylin 1995 11 mins Catholic Teenager Josephine McCann makes cakes - elaborate sculptural creations in sponge and icing. Tonight, the eve of the 12th, she puts the finishing touches to one of monumental proportions commissioned by the Orange Lodge and she sets out through the jostling Protestant throng to deliver it. At the Lodge, three Orangemen, while clearly impressed, feel there is too much green in it - an unacceptable indiscretion. Josephine returns home to rectify it. Everybody's Gone - Director: N J Bristow Year: 1995 13 mins Davey is a young man who dreams of escaping from the drudgery of his life and his oppressive relationship with his father. The arrival of a group of American surfers sets off a chain of events that spurs Davey into trying to make his dream a reality. He starts to make a surf-board. This brings the underlying antagonism with his father into the open and forces him into what looks like a fool-hardy act. But is the act an attempt to make his his dreams come true, or an opportunity to escape? The Long Walk - Director: Kieran McGuigan: 1996 A young man, distracted by the possibility of love and romance, takes a wrong turning after leaving the girl of his dreams at her home. He drives for a short while and the car breaks down. He sets off on foot thinking he is heading home, but in the wrong direction. He walks through the night and into the next day, eventually realizing his mistake. But the experience has changed him and his life will never be the same again. Big Swinger - Director: Declan Recks 1989 15 mins Jimmy is an ex-showband drummer who runs a pirate radio station in a small midlands town. He is assisted by Sid, his young side-kick, who is an aspiring musician. The peace and quiet of the town is disrupted when Jimmy's radio programme interferes with passing aircraft. The authorities send two heavies to close the station, but Jimmy isn't going to give up without a fight.
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