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Ciné Gael Montréal Evening of Award Winning Irish Short Films – March 22nd, 2002

with special guest speaker:

Dave Douglas, Concordia University

Coordinated by Ann Marie Carroll in Dublin


First: Butterflies and Bees (127 points)

Second: Give up yer aul' sins (87 points)

Third: Escape (66 points)

Honourable Mention:
Cake (60 points)
Zulu 9 (54 points)

Based on awarding 3 points for a first choice, 2 points for a second choice and 1 point for a third choice.

Short Title





Give up Yer Aul Sins

Cathal Gaffney


Based on the original recordings taken by Margaret Cuningham in Dublin schoolrooms from the 1960’s, this film dramatises the event as a TV crew arrive to record the children in Ms Cunningham’s classroom and we are treated to the story of John the Baptist told as only children can.

·         Cork – Best International short – International Jury Award

·         Cork – Jameson Award for Best Irish Short

·         Galway – Kodak Award for Best Short animation

·         Galway – James Horgan Award for Best short animation


Steven Benedict


A deaf girl runs away from home on rollerblades.  The story is told entirely without dialogue.  The soundtrack was designed specifically to convey the events as our heroine experiences them.

·         Cork – Clare Lynch Award for best first short film by an Irish Director

Zulu 9

Alan Gilsenan


Montford is tired. Tired of driving, tired of life. It’s good to be back in Ireland… sort of.  You and the road become one, it’s a Zen thing.. sort of.  You begin to see things, hear things. You begin to think that it’s all in your head, like that book you were meant to write.  All in your head… even those noises in the back.

·         Cork – Audience award for best Irish short


Barry Dignam


A micro-drama about two teenagers who feel disconnected with their world, so they go ditch-drinking together. Mick, the more mature, “leader”, draws Kev into a series of “male bonding” rituals, but when they have their desired effect neither boy can handle it.

Le Dog

Damien O’Connor


“Le Dog” is a comical look at the forbidden relationship between an old man a stray dog.  As the old man’s love for the stray grows so too does his own dog’s jealousy.  The old man decides to murder his own dog and move the stray into the family home, he does so and the two live in harmony until the dead dog’s body reappears…

·         Galway – James Horgan Award for Best short animation (2nd)

Butterflies and Bees

Jenny Roche


Set in rural Ireland in 1970.  A girl and boy play together on a sunny summers afternoon.  Flowers bloom, birds sing, bees buzz and a dog growls. This is a tale of childhood and the eternal themes of class power and sexuality and the perfection of a first holy communion dress.

·         Galway – Tiernan McBride Best Irish Short – 2nd


Gangs of Waterfall

Ronan Phelan


Set in the town of Waterfall in 1955, the film revolves around the feud between two groups of youths – a tough gang of hurlers called “The Demons” and a newly formed rock and roll group, “The Freebirds”.  Who will emerge as the town’s number one gang?

·         Cork – Best “Made in Cork” short film


Brian Lynch


“Cake” is a short film about a chance encounter on a train between a young woman and a blind man. She wants to read her book, he wants to chat. He tells her he’s going on holidays, he wonders where she’s going, he says he knows every inch of this journey. She realises that he won’t leave her alone.

·         Cork – Clare Lynch aware for best short film by an Irish director – special mention

Too Dark for Night

Clare Langan


Darkness frames this film and sand pervades its every frame. The opening sequence plays the graininess of the medium against the graininess of sane, subject and medium become one.  The soundtrack, which moulds the emotional shape of a film scene, is predominantly the wind, the agent that also forms the shapeliness of the desert dunes.  Langan’s is a bleak vision tinged with moments of great beauty.

·         Cork – Youth jury award for best international short