Ciné Gael Montréal Evening of Award Winning Irish Short Films – 2004

Call Girl (Honourable Mention)
Kester Dyer
15 min
Brendan is a lonely and introverted teenager, to whom his domineering mother and cynical father entrust the house for the weekend, accidentally discovers an escort agency call card in his father's briefcase. His decision to call the service has dire consequences beyond even his wildest imagination.Shot on 35mm stock. Produced by Kester Dyer

My Dinner With Oswald (2nd Place)
Brigid Fitzgerald
11 min
Friends gather at a dinner party, have a few drinks, and end up re-enacting the Kennedy assassination in the living room.Shot on 35mm stock Produced by Graine O'Carroll

The Making Of A Prodigy
Paul Duane
16 min
An art teacher finds her class blessed by an exceptional talent, in the form of a twelve-year-old boy named Daniel, a prodigiously talented young painter. In her efforts to secure her discovery's place in modern art history, she finds her devotion is put to the test in this modern Faustian tale.Shot on 35mm stock Produced by Lisa Ruddy [ Blue Light ]

Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom (1st Place)
Daniel O'Hara
10 min
Yu Ming is trying to escape his dull life working in a grocery store in China. A spin of the globe leads him to choose Ireland Research informs that the official language of Ireland is Gaelic, so Yu Ming begins learning the language in preparation for the trip.In Irish. Shot on 35mm stockProduced by Marie Therese Duggan [Camera Pen/ Orphan Productions ]

Love And Other Unspeakable Acts
Colm McCarthy
8 min
woman and her young daughter live alone on a remote island. There is no father for the child. Fantasy becomes reality when one day the child finds a dead young man washed up by the sea.Shot on 35mm stock. Produced by John McDonnell [Fantastic Films ]
The Last Stephen Benedict 16 min Already facing eviction, an ageing shoemaker pleads for more time to fulfill a promise he made 50 years ago.Shot on 35mm stockProduced by Stephen Benedict

Tango (3rd Place)
Sean Cooney
26 min
Two islands, two families and a conflict that has lasted twenty-seven years. Now a marriage that must be stopped...For island queen Grainne O'Malley a chance of redemption may have come too late, but they say blood is thicker than water.Shot on 35mm stock Produced by Ita Kelly [Rilmedia Teoranta ]

Programme compiled by Andrea Stanford at ParkEx Films

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