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at Concordia will be on sale at the April 7th screening or send a cheque to Cine Gael Montreal, PO Box 446, Cote St. Luc Stn, H4V 2Z1.

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Film followed by reception

Jan. 20

D: Terry Loane, 2005

Guest Speaker: John Griffin, Film Critic, The Gazette

Admission for non-members will be $10.00

Set in a divided Belfast in 1970, this is the story of two boys whose friendship breaks down the barriers. Based on Owen McCafferty's acclaimed play, it tells the tale of two kindred spirits obsessed with 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' and how this infatuation leads them from fantasies into petty crime. The two boys play at becoming their heroes gaining the courage against all the odds, for a daring escape to Australia. This heart warming comedy introduces the two pint sized stars of the story; John Jo McNeill and Naill Wright in their first big screen appearance.

STARRING: John Joe McNeill , Niall Wright , Julie Walters , Ciarán Hinds , Adrian Dunbar , Gina McKee.

Feb: 10
(D: Peter Lennon 1968, Paul Duane 2004)

Patrick Vallely

Decades before Michael Moore, Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon and legendary French 'Nouvelle Vague' director of photography Raoul Coutard managed to get a society to reveal itself on camera… In 'Rocky Road to Dublin' (1968), Ireland's patriotic sportsmen, priests, censors and 'brain-washed' children unwittingly convey the truth about a repressed, suppressed and massively censored Republic. Lennon and Coutard expose the hypocrisy of church, politics and state through a series of seemingly 'innocent' interviews. Unsurprisingly, after one screening in a Dublin cinema in 1968, it was suppressed for more than three decades -- never released in Ireland nor ever shown on Irish television. In 'The Making of Rocky Road,' Raoul Coutard breaks his silence by coming out of retirement to tell his story of the making of this revolutionary film: the "la haine" of its day, set against the social and political backdrop of Dublin in the sixties. It features previously unreleased footage of Lennon confronting Godard and Truffaut in a furious debate surrounding the shutting down of Cannes '68, as well as the Paris Demonstrations that occurred surrounding the screening of the film at the Sorbonne in full revolutionary swing.

STARRING: John Huston, Sean O'Faoláin, Conor O'Brien, Father Cleary, Douglas Gageby, Peter Lennon, Paul Duane, Victor Herbert, Loopline Films, Peter Lennon

Feb. 24
(D: Shimmy Marcus 2004)

Speaker: Laurel Wypkema, Concordia Irish Studies

Down on his luck pothead Charlie has been kicked off the dole, had his electricity cut off, and been dumped by his girlfriend Vicky. Despite claiming to be an expert on women, his best friend T-Bag has never had a girlfriend and the boys are convinced only money will change their depressing situation. The boys hear through their dealer Blowback that crime lord, The Uncle is looking for new drug mules, so Charlie conceives an elaborate scam to smuggle a consignment of Cocaine back from Amsterdam. They meet The Uncle's nephew Razor Rupert and convince him that they're up for the job. As they lay their plans, each one egging the other on, each one refusing to admit to any fear, a series of comic coincidences begin to unravel their carefully laid plans.

STARRING: Wuzza Conlon, Gavin Kelty, Laura Pyper, Steven Berkoff, Tom Hickey, Maria O'Neill, Pat Kinevane, Mick Nolan, Mark Doherty, Huey Morgan

March 3

Speaker: Kester Dyer, Film-maker

This evening of award winning Irish short films is an audience favourite. The evening showcases new talent and the audience gets to vote for their favourite films. Details of the evening will be announced closer to the date.

Jellybaby - Directed by Rob and Ronan Burke

For details click here.

March 24 -25: WEEKEND


A Weekend of Irish Documentaries

You may reserve a pass by email and pick it up between 6-6:30pm at DeSeve Cinema on Friday March 24. Passes will be on sale from 6pm.

Weekend Pass:
$15 for Cine Gael members for the four events (three films and one reception)

($20 non-members of Cine Gael)

Single Event: $7


"DOCS & DRAMA" - A Weekend of Irish Documentaries

Friday, March 24 at 7:00 PM "Southpaw:
The Francis Barrett Story" (D: Liam McGrath, 1999) Guest Speaker: Antoine Maloney

"This documentary depicts two years in the life of Francis Barrett, a young traveller from Galway. Coached from an early age by Chick Gillen, a local barber, Francis shows a rare talent for boxing. Despite training in a rickety gym outside the caravans where his family live, he qualifies for the Irish Olympic team for Atlanta in 1996 and gets to carry the Irish flag during the opening ceremony. He wins his first bout easily. Although beaten in his second, he is already a national hero and relishes the chance to represent the travelling people in the media glare."

Saturday, March 25 at 3:00 PM "The Abbey Theatre: The First 100 Years "* (D: John Lynch, 2004) - With Stephen Rea, Colm Meaney, Ben Barnes

*This film is followed by a reception at McKibbin's Pub

"The Abbey Theatre is the most national of all National Theatres. It's like a microcosm of the nation."Quoted in John Lynch's definitive documentary on the Abbey, former Artistic Director Patrick Mason sets the stage for an exploration of the Abbey's greatest achievements . . . and failures. From the glory of its early years in the 1910s and 1920s through the financial and artistic doldrums of the 60s and 70s to its rebirth in the early 1990s, Lynch chronicles the theatre's turbulent history in great detail. Warm, often moving reminisces from Abbey players Colm Meaney and Shelah Richards contrast with acerbic commentary from the likes of Brendan Behan, Barry Fitzgerald (both in archival footage) and Stephen Rea to create a rounded, critical and thoroughly involving portrait of Ireland's foremost artistic institution."

Saturday, March 25 at 7:00 PM "Sean O'Casey - Under A Coloured Cap" (D: Shivaun O'Casey, 2004) Guest Speaker: Dr. Dana Hearne

"This film paints an intimate and fascinating portrait of Sean O’Casey: a controversial playwright, a prolific memoirist, and one of the great figures of the Irish literary renaissance. Narrated and directed by Shivaun O’Casey, his daughter, the program profiles the renowned writer’s life of hardship and triumph, idealism and disenchantment. Topics under discussion include O’Casey’s grim formative years; his activities in various socialist movements and in the movements for Irish independence; his satiric and often violent tragicomedies The Shadow of a Gunman, Juno and the Paycock, and The Plough and the Stars; and his later years in self-imposed exile in Britain. (82 minutes)"

April 7

A Selection of "Beckett on Film" will be screened in conjunction with The Embassy of Ireland's Beckett Centenary Celebration.

"The hugely ambitious Beckett on Film project gathered together 19 different directors to turn the 19 stage works written by Samuel Beckett into films. The range is vast--from the 45-second Breath to the two hours of his most famous play, Waiting for Godot--but all the works reflect Beckett's penetrating obsessions with memory, regret, and the simple, excruciating experience of being. Not every film succeeds--like all great theater, Beckett's plays demand interaction with a live audience to express their full intent--and though scholars tout Beckett's every word as genius, several works are slight (Catastrophe, Ohio Impromptu, or What Where will leave many viewers unimpressed). But all the plays feature Beckett's uniquely distilled language; the greatest of them--including Waiting for Godot (in which two tramps pass the time while they wait for someone who may never come), Endgame (in which a blind man and his lame servant bicker and joke as the world declines), and Play (in which a love triangle is bitterly recalled by two women and a man in urns)--are astonishing in both their potent humor and piercing grief.

Though Beckett's stature drew in an impressive array of directors (including Anthony Minghella, Patricia Rozema, and Neil Jordan) and actors (including Jeremy Irons, Julianne Moore, Alan Rickman, Kristin Scott-Thomas, Michael Gambon, and John Gielgud), some of the finest work comes from relative unknowns. But the gem of the collection is Krapp's Last Tape, about an old man revisiting his life through recordings he has made throughout his years. It's the perfect marriage of text, actor (the incomparable John Hurt), and director (Atom Egoyan, The Sweet Hereafter); in their hands, the play spins from deeply funny to deeply sad, all with only the slightest dim of the light in Hurt's eyes. --Bret Fetzer

Thursday April 27
based on a the novel by Maeve Binchy

(D: Gillies MacKinnon 2005)

Speaker: Terry Mosher - 'Aislin' of the Montreal Gazette

Two women -- one American, one Irish -- make a house swap that alters their respective destinies.

STARRING: Andie MacDowell, Olivia Williams, Stephen Rea, Brenda Fricker, Jean-Marc Barr

Tickets for our closing film and reception at Concordia Faculty Club will be on sale on April 7. $20 for film & reception ($15 for members) or send a cheque to Cine Gael Montreal, PO Box 446, Cote St. Luc Stn H4V 2Z1. TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED BEFORE APRIL 25th

Please Note: We have a large number of subscribed members this year, which means a shrinking number of seats for walk-ins. We have made arrangements to be able to screen a second showing later the same evening if we are overwhelmed at the first showing, but the watchword is to come early.

Members: We will hold seating for members till 6:45pm. Please come early enough to ensure you get seated.

To all, a reminder: parking is available in the basement of the Concordia Library building, entrance from Mackay below de Maisonneuve.

Admission for non-members will be $10.00 for the Opening and $7.00 for each of the remaining regular evenings. The weekend series and our Gala Closing will be $20.00 each.

Membership $30.00
[Includes 5 films with the opening reception
and a $5.00 saving on both the weekend series and our Gala closing]:
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we will be scheduling some special films for a Members only evening.


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