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January 21, 2005 - Opening Night
Guest Speaker:
John Griffin, Film Critic, The Gazette

Rory O'Shea Was Here (D: Damien O'Donnell, 2004)

When the kinetic Rory moves into a home for the disabled, he changes the life of a young man with cerebral palsy, encouraging him to experience life outside the confines of 'the system.'

January 28, 2005
Guest Speaker: Peggy Curran, Journalist, The Gazette
When the Sky Falls (D: John Mackenzie, 2000)

"This gray portrait of the Dublin underworld, produced in the United Kingdom, is a refreshing--though brutal--change from the usual aren't-they-quaint Hollywood portrayals of the Irish. Joan Allen stars as Sinead, a feisty reporter who is waging a crusade against the Dublin heroin trade. The story and character are based on real-life Irish reporter Veronica Guerin, but the movie is far from an idealized portrait. Allen lets Sinead's occasional cocky manner and foolhardiness show through as clearly as her convictions... When the Sky Falls offers a realistic portrayal of both the viciousness of a crime scene and the frustration of the police. Allen is more than ably backed by a terrific supporting cast of Irish actors. And yes, she does the accent just fine..." -Ali Davis,

Starring: Joan Allen, Patrick Bergin, Liam Cunningham, Kevin McNally, Jimmy Smallhorne, Pete Postlethwaite
Running Time: 107 mins

Friday, Feb 18

The Halo Effect (D: Lance Daly, 2004) starring Stephen Rea

GUEST SPEAKER: Paul Loftus, Industrial Psychologist

Irish Writer/Director Lance Daly returns to the screen with his second feature film. Daly had subsidised his first low-budget feature, Last Days by making deliveries for a pizza chain and a Chinese take-away in Dublin. All the insidious and colourful characters he encountered through working nights became the inspiration for The Halo Effect.

The Halo Effect portrays an eccentric and nocturnal side to Dublin, full of characters completely removed from the Celtic Tiger and the financial boom in Ireland. The film is shot mainly in a dirty and dilapidated Dublin Chip Shop. Stephen Rea inaptly known as Fatso plays the owner. Fatso shows kindness to all his drunken and eccentric customers and is constantly doing good deeds. His downfall is his gambling problem that leads him to risk everything in one desperate attempt to save his business.

This Irish film is full of excellent sketches of Dublin humour and aptly highlights the eccentricities and humour of the capital city. Brendan Cauldwell is outstanding in his performance as an elderly man living on his own. Kerry Condon is vibrant as Fatso's young assistant and there are hilarious love scenes shot between Fiona O'Shaugnessy and Grattan Smith."


A special evening devoted to films made from having access to the "real" lives of people.


Frank Ned and Busy Lizzie*
a documentary directed by Neasa Ni Chianain,
73 minutes

* Last minute replacement:
The Last Storyteller
(D: Desmond Bell),
thanks to Margo Harkin


directed by Chris Landreth,
2005 Oscar Nominee,
Best Animated Short

14 Minutes

Introduced by: Liam Maloney

Frank Ned and Busy Lizzie (D: David Rane)

"An enchanting tale of an elderly man and his less -than- pure housekeeper Frank Ned McCafferty, a 70 year old bachelor farmer living alone in a emote part of North-West.ASZ

"Donegal, thinks his days of dirty laundry, unwashed dishes and cold dinners are over with the unexpected arrival of Lizzie, a 40 year old travelling saleswoman from Bridgend, 50 miles away. Lizzie adopts Frank and starts to clean his house, cook for him and keep him company. Frank has no relatives to leave his 60 acre farm to, and the neighbours think the motives of Busy Lizzie are less than pure. Frank Ned & Busy Lizzie is a film about a charming and funny old man struggling to keep his farm going, and his bizarre relationship with his housekeeper."


Winner of Cine Gael Montreal Audience Award - Best Short-film 2005
'Fluent Dysphasia'

March 29th: Special evening in collaboration with the National Film Board

When Hockey Came to Belfast (D: Linda Conway)

(preceded by "Blades and Brass")

When Hockey Came to Belfast is the striking story of how Canadian ice hockey is transcending religious lines. Bringing Northern Irish youth together in a shared love of the game, the rink gives boys and girls a haven from the turf warfare that pervades their lives.

Special Guests: Brian O'Neill, NHL consultant and Stanley cup trustee
and The Hon. Warren Allmand, O.C., P.C., Q.C.

Cost: $7; $5 for Cine Gael members, students and seniors

Tuesday March 29 at 7 pm and 9 P.M. at the NFB Theatr, 1564 St. Denis

Fri and Sat, April 8-9: THE WEEKEND with special guest ROBERT QUINN



AN LEABHAR (The Book) - A short film directed by Robert Quinn

CINEGAEL PARADISO - A feature film directed by Robert Quinn.The director will be present.

"A fascinating insight into one of the most influential and pioneering figures in Irish film making history, Bob Quinn. Son, and award winning director in his own right, Robert Quinn, takes us on a personal journey back to his own extraordinary childhood in the mid 1970's." - in IFI Directory

Written, narrated & directed by Robert Quinn. Produced by David cLoughlin & Clare Scully.

Winner - BEST DOCUMENTARY - Boston Irish Film Festival 2004
Winner - BEST DOCUMENTARY - Galway Film Festival 2004


3 PM - Poitin
directed by Bob Quinn
5 PM - 6:45
Reception at McKibbins Irish Pub
7PM - Dead Bodies -
directed by Robert Quinn, who will be present at the film.

POITIN (D: Bob Quinn, 1979) - A tale about the cruel revenge a poteen-maker takes on two ne'er-do-wells who steal poteen, wreck his house and try to molest his daughter. Cast: Cyril Cusack , Niall Toibin , Donal McCann , Mairead NiConghaile , MacDara O'Fatharta , Sean O'Coisdealbha

DEAD BODIES (D: Robert Quinn) - Starring Andrew Scott, Kelly Reilly, Darren Healy, Sean McGinley and Gerard McSorley.

' Based on a script by new Irish writer Derek Landy, this is a multi-layered and wholly satisfying effort, full of deliciously dark deceit and carried off well by a solid cast and a director on form.
Tommy (Scott) is a self-absorbed young Dubliner who is too concerned about where his own life is going to be in any way capable of positively influencing somebody else's. So when his even more self-absorbed ex-girlfriend moves back in to give their calamitous coupling one last go, the omens are not good. The rows duly return and after one particularly heated exchange, Tommy flees to cool down. On his return, his ex lies prone and lifeless. Was it an accidental fall or was it caused by his dismissive push?' -


$20 Non-members for weekend (4 events)
$15 Cine Gael members for weekend (4 events)
$10 for any individual event (Cingegael Paradiso, Poitin, Dead Bodies or Reception).

Passes may be reserved by email or by sending a cheque to Cine Gael Montreal, P.O. Box 446, Cote St. Luc Stn, Montreal, H4V 2Z1(Tickets will be held at de Seve Cinema); or may be purchased at the door. Come early.

All screenings take place at de Seve Cinema, Concordia University, 1400 de Maisonneuve West (corner Bishop)


The Discovery Award, Toronto International Film Festival, voted for by members of the international press corps attending the festival

Omagh (D: Pete Travis, UK/Ireland 2004)

Pete Travis`s Omagh deals with the Real IRA bombing that killed 29 people in August 1998.

"...There has been no finer film made about the unsung victims and the grieving families left behind by catastrophe. Omagh is elevated to even loftier heights by the delicate, refined and simply outstanding performance of McSorley. But this is a film that draws the best from everyone involved, a stunning, subtle and delicate work that makes its points with a quiet rage and unflinching gaze. This is a magnificent and intensely moving portrait of people gently taking back their lives." - Piers Handling, Festival Director, Toronto International Film Festival

Thursday, May 5: CLOSING GALA

"Funny, likeable, deeply touching.."

Adam & Paul

"You'll never look at Dublin in the same light again."
-Linda McGee,

Adam and Paul (D: Lenny Abrahamson, 2004)

"Stylised, minimalistic and trouser-soakingly funny – Adam & Paul is....a contemporary look at addiction – capital addiction - and two hapless souls rendered firmly in it’s grip. It’s dark, true, but a rare strain of physical humour runs throughout and, as a result, the film catapults to a league of it’s own.... this is daring. Groundbreaking even.

" ...Bleak, yet side-splitting; savage, yet heart-felt – a method and madness unknown to Irish cinema. Outstanding." - Paul Connolly,

Starring Tom Murphy, Mark O'Halloran, Deirdre Molloy, Gary Egan, Mary Murray, Paul Roe, Louise Lewis and Thomas Farrell.

Reception at Concorida's University Club to follow screening


$20 Non-members - film & reception
$15 Members - film & reception

This event usually sells out well in advance.

To reserve your ticket please send a cheque to Cine Gael Montreal, P.O. Box 446, Cote St. Luc Stn, Montreal, H4V 2Z1 (Tickets will be held at de Seve Cinema)



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