Ciné Gael Montréal Evening of Award Winning Irish Short Films – 2003

Audience Awards:

THE LAST TIME - first place
INNOCENCE - second place
PADRAIG AGUS NADIA - honourable mention
ALIEN MISSION - official selection
EIREVILLE - official selection
AREA 51 - official selection

Best Irish Short - Tiernan Mc Bride Award - Galway
1. Innocence Brendan Muldowney · 11min 11 sec· 35 mm print· Two friends make the most of their summer holidays playing in the Dublin mountains.ff
2. An Te Nach Behfuil Laidir Samira Radsi & Alex Hatton · 13 mins· He who is not strong needs to be smart.· Man's dog has to be put down due to foot and mouth. He kills the neighbours dog instead by accident and gets that put down. Set in rural Ireland. Funny, picturesque, lighthearted and wholesome. In Irish.
The Festival Award for Best Short - Cork; Best Irish Short - Tiernan Mc Bride Award (3rd) -Galway
Eireville · James Finlan · 25 mins· Lemmy Curamach, private detective arrives in the futuristic metropolis of Eireville. His mission: to locate and destroy the evil ruler Patrick von Pearsemann.
Best First Short - Tiernan Mc Bride Award - Galway
1. Padraig agus Nadia · Kester Dyer · 16 mins 12 sec· Padraig and Nadia are a pair of star crossed lovers that transcend the cultural divide of modern Irlenad. Peppered with prejudices they go on a journey that involves the whole family.· A young man moves into his new apartment where he meets his neighbour - a beautiful girl, from the silent lay of Tayeal. He courts her, and soon takes to her silent ways. Her family is against this man from the outside world, it is only when her brother gets beaten up and rescued by the man that he becomes accepted into community. Thought provoking yet entertaining. In Irish.
Best Irish Short - Jameson Award - Cork

The Last Time

The Last Time - Irish Short
· Conor Horgan · 12 mins· 35mm; colour· On hearing she may not have long to live, a woman in her fifties goes out looking for love in all the wrong places.
Claire Lynch Award for Best Short by a First Time Irish Director - Cork
Area 51
· Carl Collins · 12 mins· Beta; colour; VHS, BETA-SP NTSC, PAL· The Duke is lured from his desert hideaway for one last mission. His task is to deliver pizza to Area-51 to a top-secret airforce-base, which researches alienbiology and technology. But first he has to deal with rampaging aliens and a nuclear bomb that wants to detonate.
7 Alien Mission
· Colette Cullen · 17 mins· Seven year old best friends Jack and Ciara, get the wrong end of the stick when they mistake a visiting Nigerian to Ciara's mum's B&B for a space vampire from one of their favourite films. A Series of comic misunderstandings as they try to deal with the invasion.· In Irish

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